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Q. Why should I sell through Jan Forster in association with The Moving Concept auction management service?
A. The modern way to move process is simple, secure and transparent. The three main reasons are – Security, Speed and Maximum Price.

Q. How much will it cost me to sell through Jan Forster in association with The Moving Concept auction management service?
A. It is Free; there are no sales fees or hidden costs. It is absolutely free. (Terms and conditions apply)

Q. If it is free, how do you pay to advertise my property?
A. The Buyers' Fee. Buyers are charged a fee that covers all our costs.

Q. If the buyer has to pay a fee, will I get full price for my property?
A. Yes. Selling this way means you will get the true value of any property. The buyer is paying your fees, but that does NOT mean you will get less for your property, you are saving a sales fee.

Q. Is my property suitable to be sold this way?
A. Yes. We sell properties of all types and prices including – family homes, starter homes, apartments and flats, and new build properties on behalf of builders.

Q. Do I control what my property sells for?
A. Yes. You have complete control of your reserve price.

Q What is a 'Reserve Price'?
A. This is the lowest figure you would accept on the property, we cannot sell the property for anything less than this amount.

Q. Can I lower my reserve price?
A. Of course, but we can only amend it by receiving instructions from the seller.

Q. Why should I sell this way, instead of the traditional private treaty route?
A. The private treaty route, which is still the method used by many estate agents can be a long drawn out affair that offers no security to you at all. There is no urgency created by that method of sale and your asking price is often expected to be reduced by a potential buyer.

Q. Can you help me arrange my finance to purchase my next property?
A. Yes, we have an arrangement with a 'whole of market' independent mortgage adviser to ensure you get the best possible deals.

Q. When do I need a Solicitor?
A. You need to instruct a solicitor at the point of accepting an offer.

Q. Can you recommend solicitors?
A. Yes, we have an arrangement with an established conveyancing practice that specialise in this sale method ensuring you adhere to all timescales agreed.

Q. I would like to go ahead using the modern way to sell. What do I do next?
A. You can contact Jan Forster Auctions by telephone, email, or by requesting a valuation online by visiting our 'sell' page and a member of our team will arrange a free no obligation valuation of your property.

If you feel you still have unanswered questions please visit our 'Contact Us' page where you can send us any enquiry you may have. A member of Jan Forster Auctions team will then respond directly to your needs.

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